Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Week's List 10/25-10/31

I figured I would make a quick list of the handmade items I use every week with a quick hit review of where I got them, what I like and dislike about them, and whether or not  recommend the seller.  this is also only goingot be a list of consumables, you don't really need to know which artist made my mug every week. I will probably do a different listing of glass and pottery...

OK, THIS WEEK (10/25-10/31):

Soap: Dirty Sanchez SPAWN.
Source: Little Black Box Sample
Pros: Washes well and cleanly. The scent is light and refreshing, and he soap itsel f is creamy. SO creamy, I did not have to use a body moisturizer this week.. The sample lasted the whole week and still has a few pieces left in my little crocheted soap baggie.
Cons: No ingredients on the sample, since this was a wide, thin sample, about half way through the week, the soap split down the middle. Because the soap is so creamy, I had a hard time squishing it back into one piece, so I ended up putting it into a crocheted soap bag from Unicorn's pride.
Would I buy it? Yes. It is on my favorites list.
Grade: A

Shampoo and conditioner: Heaven and Earth Essentials HYACINTH AND HEATHER
Source: Bought it from their website after using a sample in a LBB
Pros: The shampoo thoroughly washes my very limp, fine, oily, color-treated hair without stripping the color or weighing it down. The conditioner gives my hair a nice sheen and helps with the tangles from teh thorough cleaning I get from the shampoo. I also love that the shampoo is a solid. GREAT for travel. They also customized an order for me, which I LOVE!
Cons: This scent is a little bit overwhelming for me, and I can smell it ALL DAY. Because of this, I didn't wear any perfume all week. Also, the conditioner is pretty light, which I love, but I found myself, even with my oily hair going over to a commercial deep conditioner in the middle of the week for the ends of my hair.  This, is actually my own fault, as they sell a deep conditioner, I just foolishly didn't buy any.
Would I buy it (again)?: Not this scent, but I WOULD buy a different scent. I have a bunch more from them to try out.
Grade: A- (shampoo and conditioner were GREAT, scent bought don the grade,m btu not enought o have me even consider not wanting more)

Source: eBay Store
Pros: burns cleanly and lasts a nice amount of time. I used this out in the backyard while my husband was grilling too get the WORLD OF MOSQUITOES away, and it definitely worked pretty well, considering that we were being eaten alive before I pulled these out. (Remember, I live in Houston. It's still pretty warm here)
Cons: None with this scent.
Would I buy it again? Yes, eventually.  I still have a lot of it left.
Grade: A

Incense: Ecclecstacy Arts SPRING LEAVES
Source: Free sample with eBay purchase
Pros: burns clean. Smells nice.
Cons: spelling "Ecclecstacy", the sample is a small cut. Not sure how the full size is.
Would I buy it? Probably.
Grade: B+

Candles: Woodcrafts and Candles - HARVEST SPICE 2 votives and a palm wax pillar
Source: purchased from Etsy store
Pros: wonderful scent. burns a long time. votives fit in votive holder. Layers on pillar are very pretty.
Cons: palm wax split down the middle and the pillar melted all over everything before I could blow it out. I'm still burning the candle in a glass bowl, so we will see how it burns when it gets into the puddle.
Would I buy again? Yes.
Grade: Votives A, Pillar B

Ok, for tea, I drink a mug or two every day, some comercial, some my own herbal blends, some artisanal. I will only list the artisanals I get here.

I am just going to list maker, flavor, where I got it, and grade.

TeaMan Christmas Blend tea bag (free sample with purchase): A+
BlueRavenTea Autumn Harvest loose tea (repeat purchase): A+
SBS Tea More than Fabulous loose tea (purchased as part of sampler after LBB sample...I also got my tea balls from them): A

I hope this helps!!

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