Sunday, October 25, 2009

back problems

I finally got my MRI read by a neurologist this week.  It turns out I herniated my L5/S1 disk and have moderate to severe arthritis in my lower back.  They are trying to schedule an MRI of my neck to see if more arthritis is causing my hand problems.  I have been prescribed physical therapy and told to lose a bunch of weight.

So, the hubband and I made a deal

There is apparently a big city-wide garage sale here every April.  We already have stuff to sell at it.  I am going to try to lose an average of a pound a week. In the time period before this garage sale, I am not going to buy any new clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, or a few other little things he and I agreed on, adn he is going to start putting aside a certain amount of money every month. 

Assuming I lose a minimum of 20 pounds:

I will sell all of the clothes I can no longer wear at the garage sale.
He will take me shopping and buy me one "Special" item per 10 pounds of weight loss.
He will also give me a set budget to complete my wardrobe with the money he has set aside.
And I will get one surprise something of his choice.

Hopefully this will be enough incentive to re-lose all of the weight I gained while he was unemployed and then some.

Good thing I just got a bunch of new teas.  Yummy tea, no calories, since I drink most teas without milk or sugar.

I have my diet plan, I have my exercise plan, and I have my doctor's approval of my plans.  *sigh* I hope this works.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sensible plan w/cool rewards!

I am betting on you & if I were within a few hrs drive would make it to that yard sale! :oD

Jean aka TheBean aka Fab Aurora