Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tea Ordering

I have ordered or am in the process of ordering from the following artisanal tea companies:

Blue Raven Tea - THis is the third time I will be ordering from them.  My favorite is their Autumn Harvest Rooibos, though seven treasures is running a close second.  I am eargerly awaiting their Christmas Past Rooibos, too. Yum. I first was introduced to Blue Raven Tea from their sponsoring The Little Black Boxes about a year ago.

SBS Teas: I just had my last sample from them from my Little Black Box. I wanted more, so I ordered. :)  They also carry tea balls, fillable tea bags, and other tea accessories. Always a plus.

IvyKeep: Their customer service is great.  I just got a sample in October's Little Black Box (GO BUY ONE!).  They are in the process of putting together a custom order for me.  Also, they are moving sites, so expect a little bit of internet funkiness on their website. I recommend their etsy site for now.

BhakTea: I ordered from them because they had a strainer, and their sampler sounded good.

TeaMan: again, they offered a sampler pack. I love tea. I ordered.

I will let you know what I think of the new people I ordered from, though I will tell you, you can't lose with Blue Raven Tea good customr service, and quick shipping every time.

As I'm sure you can tell, though, I am very disloyal, and am constantly trying "other people's stuff". I find everyone does things a little differently, and I love different people's blends.

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