Thursday, October 29, 2009


Not many of you may know this, but when we moved to Texas, one of our 8 year old cats ran away and was never heard from again. My husband and I were very sad, but since he is such a lovable cat, we are consoling ourselves with the hope that he went off and found himself a new family.

We had had our two cats since the September 13, 2001. We had originally planned for our 1 year anniversary on going out to dinner to the restaurant where we had our first "real date": Windows on the World.  Needless to say, we never made it. Instead, we went to the mall by our house to hit a restaurant there.  while we were walkign around, we saw some kittens in the window of the pet store with a sign saying they had been abandoned there, and wouldpeople please adopt them. Well, this was too much for my husband and myself, espeially since he had been talking about getting a cat, so we went in and got a couple of kittens.  They wre my first pets ever. I was so scared to even hold them. We named them Merlin and Morgan. They were both boys.

The husband had had cats before...and is allergic to them. We quickly had to get him to an allergist and get him the desensitizing shots and allergy medication. For a while we even had to think about giving the kittens away, but ended up changing our minds at the last minute when the husband found some meds that worked.

Well, not a week after we moved to Texas, Merlin got out of the house and never came home.  In New York, they had been indoor/outdoor cats, so we had had a hck of a time keeping them indoors while they got used to the new house, but we were hopeful he would ocme home soon. 

After 2 weeks, we were prety nervous.  We started putting up signs and calling local shelters and vet offices. Finally, it looked like he had turned up at a shelter way up north in town. I hopeed int he car and went to check.

It wasn't him.

As the tech and I checked to see if the tuxedo they had brought in was mine, a little orange kitten kept trying to get my attention. he mewled, he batted at my arm, he rubbed himself up against the cage. I caved.

The cat at the shelter was not Merlin, but in 3 days, Kevin was going home with us.

I checked the other shelters.  Glinda came home from one, but a trip to the vet showed that she was very ill.  She went back. :(

At the SPCA, we found Jake. He is either a Siamese or Tonkinese breed. He's a beautiful little kitten. my daughter saw him and had to have him.

Now we had two new kittens and a grumpy 8-year old cat.  they are starting to get along, though Kevin is a little trouble maker.  I have been wearing a long, flowy top all day, and he keeps trying to either hunt my shirt or go farther, and get up under it and hunt my butt. His little claws HURT!

Kevin is into everything. I forgot how much work having a kitten who gets into everythign can be.  I am constantly getting him off of counters, pulling him out of the trash can, dragging him out of the washing machine, re-folding the laundry, finding little wrappers and papers that he hunted and batted around the house, etc. We got him kitten toys, but apparently, they aren't enough fun.

All Jake wants to do is be held.  he lives to be in laps. He will even climb into my 6 year old's lap. He cries if there are people int he house and they are not petting him. I swear, he thinks he is a dog.  He especially loves to perch on my husband's shoulder while he types.

Morgan (the old guy) just wants to be left alone. He putrs up with Jake better than Kevin, because Kevin always wants to play. And woe be to Morgan if he wants to eat in peace.

The kittens are adorabl;e, and Morgan is my big old fluffball. Now if I could just get Kevin to stop hunting ME and start hunting something else......

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Anonymous said...

Am sorry to hear Merlin ran, but, as you said, being such a lovely boy, he is most likely being adored & petted by some besotted, fussing new owner.
Now Kevin is surely a handful! lol!
Kudos to Morgan for his tolerance :oD
Jake is a charmer

Jean aka TheBean aka Fab Aurora!