Sunday, September 9, 2007

Opening Week Sunday...random thoughts

So, being in the NY metro area, I only got to watch the Jets-Patriots game and the Bears-Chargers games...which sucks. A few things stuck with me from watching the games. Most not football related.

1. I'm relatively embarrassed to be a Jets fan this week. The loud, enthusiastic cheering when Kellen Clemens took the field after Pennington hurt his ankle in the second half was disgusting to me. Fortunately, it was disgusting to the announcers, too. What a revolting display by the crowd at the game. Pennington tried MULTIPLE TIMES to walk off what could have been a really bad injury (watch the replay if you don't believe me), and when he finally gave up and left the field, they had the nerve to cheer uproariously for his back-up? Ew.

2. By the way: Pennington looked pretty darn good for a guy everyone's been clamoring to have replaced. Clemens looked like a rookie. Just my opinion, but maybe Pennington is a little hesitant in the pre-season because of his history. He looked just fine in the opener...and darn awesome when he came back for a drive after hurting himself. Talk about proving something.

2. Ok, the "Viva Viagra" commercial is just gross....MOST ED commercials are gross...some more so than others...the others are just vague enought o be confusing. For example...what does bathing in separate tubs outdoors have to do with sex?

3. Speaking of commercials, does anyone else find it ironic that the soundtrack to the NFL commercial with Shawn Merriman and Steven Jackson "leaving nothing on the field" is a song called "the Kiss"? Hee hee. Think I'm kidding? Check out the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. I loved that movie.

4. The networks need to figure out something with this whole "game jumping" crap. We lost the last 2 minutes (the important ones) of the Green Bay/Philly game because of "contractual obligations" to show the Bears-Chargers game. WHO CARES about the first five minutes of a game when the game is TIED with seconds left in the game?? Gah. is back. There goes my diet. It's just not a game without beer, chips, and dip, is it?

Friday, September 7, 2007


Have you ever had a dream that you just found to be disturbing? I woke up this morning from a dream that revealed things going on in my mind to me that, frankly, I really think I would have preferred to have left buried. I just woke up in a really "off" mood because of this, and I am really having problems shaking it. Oh well.