Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living on the Edge....

So, I have a confession: I have been using soaps that have "fragrance" and "essential oils" listed in their ingredients instead of a complete listing. I even used a perfume sample yesterday that just mentioned the carrier oil and that it was "all natural". Why, you may ask?

Because I am a REBEL!!

....and they smelled really good.

Fortunately for me, I have no life threatening allergies, yet. The worst I will do if I use something that contains something I am allergic to is to break out in hives.  I am still very careful to sample everything in a small easily washed area, though.

Since I went off about ingredients, I have been thinking (and talking to friends).  I know a lot of small home-based manufacturers just have a general "ingredients" label printed up and don't have a special unique one for each and every scent, because that would be cost prohibitive. Most people I know are very understanding of this practice, and not knowing every essential oil that went into a product is USUALLY not a big deal, especially if you are nice about the occassional email reading, "Hey, I love your soap, but does thisscent have bergamot in it? My cousin is allergic to bergamot."

So, I did a little bit of asking around, and came up with the two biggest things that have caused problems for people I know unknowingly getting them in their bath and body products:

Nuts (this includes almonds)

Yes, if you are allergic, it is your responsibility to check, but I am mostly concerned about gifts, especially with the holidays coming up. I would hate to buy someone I know a lovely perfume or soap that she loves the scent of, but cannot use because her boyfriend/husband/kid is allergic to something in it, and smelling it makes him/her sneeze.

OK, that's enough for this soapbox (can you tell I broke out when I opened a new soap this evening?).  I think I will go back to whining about my life and talking about all of the wonderful people I have been buying from.

Coming soon: Who did I buy from this month, and how was the experience? AND Thoughts about my GRAVEL back yard.

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