Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reviews! 1/16/10

Ok, I can't really call this set of reviews, "this week's", because I never wrote my reviews last week, due to a whole lot of family junk going on here.  But that's not here nor there on this blog, so on to the reviews for the new year!

My first "review" is actually a shout out to the Little black Boxes.  For the holidays, I, like so many other moms, had a lot of appreciation gifts to give out.  Throughout the year, I hoarded together the items from the black boxes I got every month that I wasn't going to use and that weren't perishable. I then bought some really cute gift bags, and a  few additional sampler packs from some sellers I really like.  I put the samples into the gift bags, added a card from a seller I had found through the little black boxes, and voila! I had appreciation gifts for everyone.  Whenever possible, I left on the sellers' business cards and contact information for the people who I gave the gifts to, in case they wanted more. I have actually done this over the year whenever I needed hostess gifts, or last minute gifts for adults, and they have always been relly well received, especiall because I could adjust what was in the gift to accout for the likes and dislikes of the recipient.  Without the Little Black Boxes and their samples, this would ever be possible, and I never would have discovered many of the sellers I now turn to to finish out these gifts, and to provide me with my little indulgences for myself. So, thank you, Kim and the Little Black Boxes (LBB).

Now, On to our regularly scheduled program:

A new item I tried for the first time this year was bath bombs. As you may know, we moved into a new house this year, and the tub int he master bathroom is a bubble tub.  It's annoying, and I do not recommend to anyone to buy a bubble tub, but that's a whole different review.  I was worried about ruining the bubble creating components on the tub with the oils and salts in bath products, but I figure, I am both not going to use it as a bubble tub, and the exposure to the components when I am not runnign the tub is minimal, so what the heck.

I got a number of bath bombs through my LBBs, from Sheba's Secrets and Cappella's Garden.  I'm glad I got more than one, and I'll tell you why.  The first bath bomb I used, I hated. I ended up feeling like I had been greased up, to the point that I took a shower after my bath to remove the waxy residue.  Since I had so many bath bombs, and so many people wax poetic about them, I figured, what the heck, and tried another one a few weeks later. Well, let me tell you, the difference was like night and day, and the bombs were both from the SAME SELLER! I loved the second bomb as much as I had hated the first one.  It was uncanny.  I have taken 3 baths since the second one, and used another bomb every time. Loved them all. The first was apparently a fluke.  Both the bombs from Cappella's Garden and Sheba's Secrets give off gorgeous scents that emanate through the entire room.  They smell wonderful and, looking on their sites, are reasonably priced.  Since I am not a "one seller loyalist", I can equally recommend each.  Both are fabulous.  Once the husband and I are working again, I plan on relatively large orders from both.

This past week also destroyed another of my biases.  I havea lways been very leery of black soap.  I remember as a child using those soap crayons, and the time my mother had cleaning the tub after the four of us had a grand old time using some of them.  Black soap always seemed like a continuation of this problem.  However, I got a sample of Metropolis Soap Co.'s "Black Soap Horror", so I decided to try it.  Well, I have to agree with black soap proponents. No staining has occurred, and,t hough the black lather is disconcerting, I am just as clean as I would be with non black soap.  The soap hold up extraordinarily well, too, and I haven't had anny of that goo-ing....of course that may be due to my listening to one of my readers and permanently putting a soap rack in my shower. So, I must say, I have been very pleased with my soap from Metropolis soap Co.

This week, I am actually talking about 2 soaps, because I brought a sample of "Awareness" lemongrass soap from Angel Face Botanicals with me on my vacation, along with a little scrubbie made by Jodi's Craft Emporium. This little tiny sample lasted the whole week whie we were away, and there was enough to use for another week after we came home.  I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this soap!  I used it while at a Caribbean Island, and it helped my skin from getting dried out from the constant exposure to salt water and chlorine.  It also smells great and invigorating. Angel Face Botanicals is also one of the sellers I bought from to use their products in my appreciation gifts, and many of the recipients waxed poetic about it.

Well, that's all of my reviews for this week.  Many more coming soon!

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