Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm lucky.

As I sit here at my computer, drinking my artisanal tea out of a handmade mug my sister got me off of my favorites list on Etsy, smelling of a combination of my handmade soap and shampoo, wearing jewelry I made myself, and avoiding eating the handmade caramels the hubby got me for the holidays, I realize how lucky I am.

I'm lucky I discovered handmade products.  I'm lucky I married a guy who shares my love of pottery, unique handmade jewelry, Renaissance fairs, and original art.  He takes me to craft shows (and lets me buy stuff there!), and puts up with the other stuff I buy online.  I'm lucky he puts up with my buying of mass supplies and crafting adventures.

I'm lucky he and I had children who love handmade clothing just as much (If not more than) store bought.  Children who are waiting for the day that they are old enough to have their own special mugs and cups, and who get so upset when their plastic self-decorated cups get ruined because they put them in the water in the sink. A daughter who prefers handmade dresses to anything else, who daily begs me to make her more, who has begun designing her own clothes, and who BEGGED for her own sewing machine for her sixth birthday this year. A son who tells me every day that I need to make his teacher something special, and that his blank tee shirts need an animal embroidered by me on them.

I'm lucky that we put away enough money and made enough money that I can indulge myself with these items, even now in this rough economy, which has hit us hard.  I'm lucky I discovered sites like the Little black boxes/handmade guru, the sampler, Wickedly Chic, Etsy, and even (yes) eBay.

Yes, I am lucky. I need to remember this and be thankful every day. Thankful for artists and crafters who put their stuff out there and sell it, and for all of the people who buy them.

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