Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pissed Off with the Post Office

Ok, I just got a huge awesome box from Capella's Garden.  Speaking of FAST SHIPPING! My issue is, the box was OPEN when it was delivered.  This ticks me off. What ticks me off more is that this is not the first time I have had packages and mail tampered with before it was delivered.

It defeinitely looks like the contents were messed with, too.  Unfortunately, since I ordered sampler packs, I can't say for sure whether anything was taken or not.  What I got still looks great, so I am not going to contact them about it and make them try to figure out what EXACTLY went into my box, since it was a random collection. Not on Capella's, I just mentioned them to goive them props for super fast shipping. 

When I loived in New York, I did not have my compulsive buying under any kind of control.  I would get a few boxes every day.  Yes, Ihad a few packages that went missing, but any time ANYTHING showed up on my porch damaged, it was in a clear bag and labeled that it arrived at some post office along the way in damaged condition. 

Since we moved to Texas, I have gotten multiple boxes with the sides ripped out, once with pre-wrapped Christmas presents that the ends of all of the gifts had been opened to see what was inside.  I didn't receive a SINGLE Christmas card that the top corner of the envelope wasn't opened (as if to look for cash or checks).  What is going on??

I just called the post office again this morning to make sure that they are aware that this is STILL going on.  I think part of the problem is that we don't seem to have a regular mail carrier here.  If my packages had been broken into at my old place, I would have known that, unless it was thursday, my mailman had gone into it.  Here, it seems like there is a new mail carrier every day.  There's no way to know who is delivering my mail on a daily basis, and I bet they know it.

Look, I know the economy is tough, but the post office needs to get it together.  I can not be the only one dealing with these issues.  I have been dealing with them for MONTHS, and it is still occurring.  It sucks. Yes, I know a lot of the blame shoudl go towards whoiever is being unethical enough to be doig this, but where is the accountability, if it ias been going on this long? By now they should have at least narrowed down where the problems are occurring.


Bethany said...

Bummer Angela! I'm sorry you are having such issues with the post office in your area. The bunch o bomb packs should have been fairly full and there should have been a packing slip in your box to check contents, etc. I hope that helps!

Capella's Garden Soap Co.

Amy said...

Nope, you are not the only one going through it at all.

I had a box delivered to me torn open and contents missing (with no way to know what was originally in it and no way to verify it).

I've had 3 packages in the last month show up late (like, a month after shipment), at least 6 go missing entirely, and 1 customer received one wide open with 3/4 of the contents missing.

and yeah, we get the "oops sorry" plastic baggies too.. but its getting to the point where "oops sorry" isn't going to cut it any more.

File a complaint with the regional office. Then send a letter to the PMG. It worked on the post office in St. Charles. Heads rolled there and they started hand delivering all packages and I haven't received a damaged one since.

Wish there was a more positive outlook, but it seems the USPS is rapidly going downhill and we all may need to go with new carriers soon.

AngelTree Gems said...

I reported it both in person to the post office here and to the main post office phone number. The only thing I was worried about was the soap, because it had been removed from the tie. Everything looks great, though, so I am excited. :)

Bethany said...

That is so bizarre they removed the tie! Why would that be necessary? I'm glad you are liking everything! Take a bath - everything always looks better after that, lol!