Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Need a Beauty Boot Camp

And by Beauty Boot Camp, I mean one that actually teaches you the basics of beauty. Are these things ingrained in women, and I just lost that gene? Where do peope learn these things? My sisters don't have any problems with this stuff, but I am hopeless. I am getting back into the workforce, and I can't even get myself together as well as the other stay at home moms in the grocery stores! I have tried books, and videos...everything I could think of. I'm hopeless.

You would think with all of the makeup and hair care products I have in my bathroom that I would be better at applying them. *Sigh*

As a reformed tomboy, I have to admit, I have NO IDEA how to blow dry my hair so it looks ANYTHING like it does when I leave the salon. I can't even come close. Seriously.  I can't even keep my hair soft adn parted in the right place.  I am a failure at hair. No matter how hard I try, it always just ends up looking like I didn't even try that morning, so why try??  If someone would sit down and properly teach me to style my hair and walk me through it, maybe I could look less schlubby on a daily basis.

Same thing with makeup.  I am clueless.  I just wear whatever the makeup artist or salesperson puts on my face.  If I try anything new, I end up looking foolish. Half the time, even if I try to do what I have been shown, I look foolish.  I need to know how to make myself look good on a daily basis, AND how to dress it up for special occassions. I also need to know how to adjust when I change my hair color or between winter and summer when my skin tone changes. And I need to not only be shown how, I need follow up care where someone will check on me the next day or two and make sure I did everything right, and if not, tell me how to correct my mistakes.

I am doomed to be a frumpy schlub...and with that happy note, off to my love affair with candles, soap, and pottery.....:)

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Amy said...

I'm right there with you on schlubby, so don't feel too bad.

I have waist length hair, and even when its shorter (shoulder length) I can't figure out what to do with it. No matter what I do to it it just lays there - I look like one of the girls from the hippy days - flat straight and no matter how hard I try it always parts down the middle.

I wear make up maybe two or three times a year. I have it, I kind of know the basics of applying it.

I think the trick with make-up, for reformed tomboys like us, is to go for as natural as possible. Lip tint, but not necessarily lip-stick (unless you're going out for the night).... I forgo blushers, bronzers, and foundation because I dont' know how to apply the first two (and i look stupid in blush) and the last always makes me break out.

I have porcelin skin... I'm so transluscent you can see the veins in my face. So I will wear a porceline pressed powder when I want to cover those up. I use a bit of black eye liner and a black mascara.

If I wear eye-shadow its a beige and brown mix, and only on my lids, not all the way to my brows the way they like to do it at the makeup counters.

But... yeah. With all of that... I still spend 99% of my days with my hair pulled back in a braid and my face bare. So don't worry, you're not alone.