Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking things seriously

Well, I am sick and tired of my family not taking my businesses seriously. It probably doesn't help that, up until the husband (HHBG) lost his job, I wasnt really taking things seriously. BUT my Jewelry business is something I am passionate about, and I AM taking it seriously this year.

Check it out:


Hopefully, others will see how serious I am about it. I have a separate blog talkign about my business and the things I am making. I see this as a big step for me to making this a real business and livelihood.


Kelly said...

Don't let anyou - one dishearten your jewellery is great and although its not something I would wear I would say there is definitely a market for it. I have the same problem with my DH - I really want to start up a children's clothing business (really small one) but he says the economy this and that blah blah blah

btw I'm very interested in how your organised fabric stash is - I've only just discovered your blog :)

Marbled Nails said...

Thanks! Check out the CPSIA regualtios before you stat a children's clothing business. I have one that has to be shuttered until they figure out the regulations. I'll try to take some pictures of the stash to show how it has progressed over the past year. :)

Tabmade said...

I know what you mean. Any time I tell someone about me selling the things I make I always wait for the look, haha.