Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Sucks

We are possibly going to move this year, with the economy being so awesome, and Dh not I working. He's lookin ginto going back for his Ph.D., and I am just along for the ride. If he gets accepted and gets the financial aid we would need, we'll move. If he gets a job outside of the NYC area, we'll move. I am waiting to get a job until we figure out what is going on with him, since right now, having not worked in over 6 years, I would be looking at entry level or retail. I'm not thrilled with our situation, but I'll live.

The thing that is KILLING ME is, if/when we move, I cannot take my fabric. I know this is a petty concern, but it is upsetting. So, I have "manned up" (Womanned up?), and listed my fabric and sewing supplies on craigslist.

I have gotten a good response, and I know I have way mre fabric than ten people could use int heir lifetimes, but that doesn't mean I enjoy selling my fabric at a huge loss. I love my fabric, and it is just traipsing out of my house for practically no money.

I know this is my own doing. I could charge more. I could do a lot of things, but I do need to pare down. That being said, it is depressing and disheartening. I am doing what needs to be done, but not enjoying it at all. I don't want to do this anymore, but I need to get down to a reasonable amount of fabric, and it's easy to say I have ten times what ANYONE could EVER consider reasonable.

well, I have more people coming in about an hour, so I guess I should go eat something and try to straighten up down there after the people who just left. Bleh.

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