Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ok, am I the only person in the world who thinks someone else tucking your tag in is RUDE and an inconsiderate?

I HATE when people do this, whether they be strangers or friends. I especially hate when strangers do it. Immediately, the tag itches and bothers me, as they ALWAYS scrape it against my skin to tuck it in.

I think it is very rude to touch someone to do something like tucking in a tag, or (along the same lines) removing a thread or hair or fuzz from their clothing. I feel like it is an invasion into my personal space,a nd it makes me jump to be touched without warning or permission. I don't care if it IS bothering you. get over it and look away. it's on ME. Are you such an OCD control freak you can't stand a hair or thing out of place, even on someone else??

it's one thing to ask someone if they would mind you doing so, or to inform someone that they have a tag showing, but it's entirely another to touch them with no warning and without permission.

I nearly slapped a lady in the store today. She grabbed the back of the frigging neck of my shirt to stop me so she could tuck in my tag! I rounded on her ready to punch her, I swear. Her excuse: "it was really bothering me, adn I couldn't let you walk around like that" Why not? it wasn't bothering ME until you took it upon yourself to grab me and scrape my neck tucking it in.
People don't zip the open flies of other people....why is it ok to tuck in tags??
OK, rant over.

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