Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Week's Products in Review - 12/13-20

This past week was a weird one.  I have been sick as a dog, so I have not been burning any candles or incense as I try to get my sinuses back into working order.  Also, the hubby has been making me take ALL of my new items and put them under the tree, so I haven't had a chance to use any of the awesome looking things that have been arriving.  He has taken to beating me to the mail and wrapping the boxes as they arrive fromt he post office, so I can't even see what is inside. 

So, the only new bath stuff I have used this week was another bar of really cool soap.  Now, I admit, I was somewhat biased against this soap going in.  It was cut with that corrugation edge which, for some reason, in my mind has always turned me off of the soap. It also came unwrapped in any plastic or wax paper, so the soap was just exposed in my LBB, which is somethign I typically don't like.  Having mentioned my neuroses and the negative of this soap, I have to say, I LOVE this soap!  The soap in question is by Inseine Creations and is the Brown Sugar and Fig scent.  It is such a nice scent and the soap is such a smoothing and lovely soap.  It leaves my skin so soft and comfortable feeling, and though there is a hint of scent left, it is not overpowering or strong, which is a good thing, since I am a perfume lover, and do not necessarily want to wear my soap's scent all day.

So that's it for my light week.  I will not be posting my reviews next week, so plan on a HUGE review for the new year!

Have a great end of the year, all!

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