Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obscure Allergies Suck

SO, I'm allergic to artificial sweeteners.  Pretty much all of them....well, except for high fructose corn syrup, but I figure that's just a matter of time. I at least used to be able to chew gum and wear lip balm, but now I can't. The gum makes my whole mouth tingle and other things....err....let's just say it makes other things unhappy.  Lip Balm made with artificial sweeteners makes my lips tingle and swell, and the tip of my tongue go numb.  Great for that "full lips" look. Not so much fun for that whole "staying healthy" thing.

Leaving alone my "artificial sweeteners are evil and the leading factors in the nation's exponential rises in obesity and type 2 diabetes" rants, WHY must artificial sweeteners be so prevalent and accepted?  All I want is some lip balm that I can wear that smells good. I am sick and tired of scouring ingredients lists on items that don't necessarily require ingredients.  If there were NUTS in lip balm, you can be sure they would be mentioning it and the fda would be requiring it, but apparently artificial sweeteners aren't anything to worry about, and even if you DO lick your lips, who cares if allergens are in the lip balm??

I hate this. No lip balm in my stocking this year. I can't find ingredients even on chapstick. ALL of the etsy sellers I have contacted have informed me that nearly all of their lip balms contain liquid artificial sweeteners, sorry. Even the VEGAN sellers and sellers of "ALL NATURAL" items!! Apparently, the artificial sweeteners are right int the flavor oils, so oh well. sure ARTIFICIAL sweeteners are ok in all natural items. Great.


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Amy said...

Pssst. totally ignore this if you'd like, but none of my balms contain sweeteners.