Monday, December 7, 2009

This Week's Reviews 11/29-12/6

I am changing up the review process here.  I think I will mention just the things that I finished up using this week, and I am going to start mentioning my non-consumables that I bought, received and/or used this week on a one-shot review basis....Some of these items, I have had for a while, so in the beginning, it's going to depend on my actually remembering who made some of them. Fortunately, much of my stuff was bought on etsy, so I can go back and check my purchase history.  Gotta love that feature on Etsy. :)

As far as Shampoo and conditioner are concerned, I am still working my way through the sampler I purchased from heaven and Earth Essentials.  I am now on their "Juliet" scent.  I like it.  I feel bad reviewing scents, so I am going to stop. I really jsut feel like it is too much of a taste thing. A scent that I love, you may hate, and vice versa.  Unless I have a comment about a scent being too light or heavy, I'll just stick with the product itself.

The soap I just finished using was Heathen's Hearth "Pink Sugar Type".  It was a sample I got out of the Little Black Boxes.  I have to say, I was very pleased with this soap. It lathered nicely, and left my skin feeling soft and clean.  It did have the typical problem tht I have with almost all of my handmade soaps, in that it got all gooky at the end, but I am thinking this is due to the amount of oils and other things that make hese soaps so creamy, so I just put the little pices that are left and gooky on a crocheted scrubby, and use the scrubby as a loofah until the soap is gone. I really liked this soap, and now this seller is on my list of sellers to buy some soap from. They have some REALLY COOL looking soaps for sale now, too. Very Celtic.  Maybe I can justify a Christmas pressie for the hubby??  Hmmm....

With this month being so rough, it has very much been a candles and tea time here.  I had a sinus infection for most of the month of November that went into strep and I am still fighting the after effects of, so no incense has been burned here for a while.

My tea has been being drunk out of a mug I have that is one of my favorites.  It was made by Jeff Guerrero.  I haven't seen this style offered by him for a little while now, but I really love this mug. I have a very similar shaped mug to this one in a smaller size made by him, too, that I will use when I do not want my huge cup of tea in the morning (if I don't have the time to get through 16+oz at a pop).

As far as candles ar concerned, I have to give a great shout out to both Whiff and Sniff Candles and Redneck Candles.  I have been joint burning a few jelly jar candles from Redneck Candles and some wickless candles from Whiff and Sniff to get the scents I want for Christmas. I'm sure I could have EITHER seller make me a custom blend, but I'm lazy and want them RIGHT NOW. :) 

Right now, I have a "berries and Branches" candle going by Redneck Candles, and a "going Amish" wickless going from Whiff and Sniff.  Both companies' candles burn nice and clean and give off a good amount of scent for a good amount of time.  Of the Redneck candles, this is the second one I have burned (The first was "halo" scent, which I also liked a lot). They last a LONG time.  Way longer than the 4-6 hours they say when you buy them.  I also love the jellt jar. No need to find a candle holder to catch the wax.  The Whiff and sniff shooter is the perfect size for my wickless candle burner.  This is IMPORTANT!  I have had a few tarts that have been too big for some of my burners over the years, and they made a real mess.

With the recent death of yet another digital watch, I am wearing the awesome watch I got from Radcow all the time now.  I had gotten away from earing it, because I teend to forget to take my watch off before getting into the shower, and I didn't want to ruin it, but I am not unhappy about wearing it allt he time, until I can go buy another cheap watch to not worry abotu destroying in the shower. It is a gorgeous leather cuff watch that I get all kinds of compliments on, it fits perfectly, and I love it.

I think that's about it for now.  I am making a bundle of purchases for the holidays, so there should be a bunch of reviews coming soon!

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Amy said...

Hi there! Thank you for the review! So glad you liked the soap! I decided that the information was good to have, so I'm going to copy my response to you here if that's ok.

Unfortunately the goopy part of the end of the soap is a combination of the natural glycerin and the amount of time it spends in the shower. The Hot Process soaps don't do it as often or get as soft, but the goats milk and glycerin soaps both have such a high natural glycerin content that they will wick excess moisture from the air around them and absorb it - thus becoming very soft over time.

If you have the ability to change it out, either using more than 1 bar of soap at a time and alternating between them, or just taking the soap out of the shower entirely to dry on a slatted wood soap dish (I recommend either or depending on if you're going for decorative or service) it helps to prevent that even after you get to the end of the soap. Most of the time the goo comes from it collecting excess moisture from the air or being too close to the shower head and getting wet between uses.

Thanks again! So glad you loved it :)