Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, the "Grown-up" perspective

So, I swore I wasn't going to go all "mommy blogger" on this blog, but hey, I AM a mommy, so every once in a while you're going to have to deal with it.

The kids were off for "winter break" last week. We were supposed tog o on a cruise for the vacation to avoid cabin fever, but my son got sick the Thursday before we were supposed to leave, and we had to cancel. He got better Tuesday, and my daughter only got sick for the weekend, so I had ALL WEEK with them at home.

All they wanted to do was watch TV and play computer games. Well that wasn't going to happen. Subsequently, all I heard all week was "I'm SOOOOO BORED! This is Boring, MOMMY!" while the husband tried to finish up his book and I tried to entertain them.

Fate was also working against me, because every time I planned on takign them out, something happened to prevent it. All we did was go to the park a few times.

Today, they're back in school. They woke up sad. They whined about going back to school. You would think, being "sooooo bored" at home, they would welcome school, but you'd be wrong.

They got put ontp the bus at 8:10. 8:15, the hubby and I were sitting down with our morning tea and watching the combine discussion on NFL Network. We looked at each otehr and smiled. We still haven't said anything. We're both reveling in the SILENCE.

Ah the great wonders of school. How my perspective has changed on breaks since I became a grown up. STINKY mid-week breaks! Thank goodness I have a business at home, otehrwise, all of my work vacation time would be taken up by random school vacations. My hat is off to all of you parents with no one at home who must take off to watch kiddos. I salute you!

Ok, I actually have to get some of the work that I didn't get done all last week done!!

Enjoy the Silence!! (I love Depeche Mode!)

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