Saturday, August 25, 2007

I guess I'm not a Feminist anymore

So, as a "large chested" gal (I wear a 34H or 36G, depending on brand), I was very interested in the latest innovation from an Israeli company called the "cup and up". This is the link:

So anyway, it's basically an implantable bra. Now, all kinds of feminists are totally attacking this procedure. They are talking about the horror of surgery for basically a permanent bra instead of an external one. They ask WHY anyone would consider going through surgery to have this procedure. Well, I'll tell you: vanity and convenience.

I LOVE spaghetti strap dresses. And I love the backless look. I like wearing tank tops. Unfortunately NO ONE makes many discrete bras in an H cup. I have a few ill-fitting strapless bras. There's no such thing as a stick on bra or a backless bra in my size. My bras constantly show, or I go without (NOT a good look). With this implantable bra, I could have the look of support without the external bra being necessary.

I'm not saying it would be an everyday "I don't need a bra, I have an internal one" thing, like it could probably be for many smaller chested women, but think of the possibilities for those of us with larger chests that we don't necessarily want lopped off. (my shoulders are big too, so I'm actually proportionate, thank you very much).

Also, I would love to have a bit of extra internal support to help with the strapless bras I have. I think this is going to be huge among younger mothers who have major sag after breastfeeding. THis is such a less invasive and apparently more successful alternative to the breast lift nowadays, which is just scary looking. I bet it becomes pretty much as popular as lasik surgery.

Personally, I am counting down the days until this becomes available. I'll just hand in my feminism card, if I must. I'd rather NOT look like my boobs are growing out of my bellybutton just so I can wear my backless formal gown vanity wins. Oh well.

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