Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am the Omega Geek

It sucks being a geek who's married to an ubergeek with an ubergeek for a twin brother. Our friends are ubergeeks. I feel like I belong on the short bus. I know very little of MMORPGs (though I can speak "Everquest" with the best of them). I don't enjoy programming. Twinking characters (in whatever) to me seems futile, and like something I just suck at. I am not a fan of much sci fi...Battlestar Galactica, Star Blazers, Robotech, and Babylon Five are not my ideas of fun watching. I only got a 4 on my AP calc exam. I didn't major in science or engineering in college. I don't get the inside Perl jokes or thinly veiled references to obscure characters from Ibn Khaldoun....Dude, I don't even know who Ibn Khaldoun IS! I don't understand why I need to know the proper languages spoken in all of the provinces of Greece in the 3rd century BC, just so I can know how many points my D&D character needs to take in languages. WHY WHY WHY??

I am so NOT the alpha geek. yes, I have Geek traits, I "run" with geeks (like I said above, I MARRIED an Alpha geek), I am well versed in D&D, V:tM, WoD, and now even have learned GURPS! I know Pi to...ok, 5 places. I use math liberally in my sewing. I have read The Prince, but not the Art of War. I read and enjoyed Atlas Shrugged. I study areas of linguistics and foreign languages for fun. I was .001 points shy of graduating Summa Cum Laude from university. I frequently use words that contain more than three syllables. I am called a geek by friends. I can usually completely understand and fully follow most "geek conversations", but I usually have very little in-depth insight to contribute to debates and arguments....especially regarding how to properly break WoW characters. Yet, I am so the short-bus geek compared to so many people I know.

Thus, as I am the antithesis of the Alpha Geek, I have therefore declared myself:

The OMEGA geek.

Long live the omega.....somebody's gotta be the lowest common denominator. That is my role in life, always to strive, never to rise. I am Omega.

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