Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Bathroom

As you probably are not aware, our master bathroom imploded a few months ago.  The bathtub plumbing had shifted a while ago, completely separating the drain, and rendering that part of the bathroom unusable already.  (In a 10 year old house, no less. Oof).  On top of that, now we were getting cracking and bubbling in the drywall near the floor, and a lovely mold stench began pervading our senses, especially after we took a shower.  A little bit of investigation revealed some leaky areas around the glass shower enclosure and shower seat, and a potential leak in the plumbing of the wall behind the shower head.  To fix things, we were told, would require ripping out the shower, the little wall that had been built to put the shower plumbing into, and also ripping out the built in bubble tub.

Well, we got a few estimates, decided on a contractor, and spent the last 2 months holed up in the guest room.  I wish I could post all of thie in-progress pictures, but the removable hard drive everything was being stored on ate itself, too, so we have very few before pictures.

Instead, I figured I would make it up with a whole bunch of after pictures, as this little bathroom turned into quite the big deal for my husband and me.  We had decided, at the beginning of this venture that, based upon where we live (neighborhood demographics, house size, etc.), we were going to put in a luxury bathroom.  Then, we went to a few family functions, and got some art to go in the bathroom.  The light pulled it all together, and I am very proud of how everything came together.

As of this blog posting, the bathroom is not completely done.  We are waiting on some hardware, haven't put in accessories yet, and are at a bit of a stopping point on figuring out what to do next (Other than wait for the missing pieces).

However, we ARE moving back into our lovely master bedroom, and have begun using at least a large part of the bathroom. And, I can't wait any longer, so here we go:

This is the view of the bathroom from the door.  The large upper cabinet is waiting on some shelves, so it is currently empty.  Eventually, it will probably have a TV in the top, with an art piece above it.

This is the view looking back at the door from the entry to the closet. Not much to say here, other than, we are waiting on the towel racks that will go on those walls.

This is the view, standing in front of the cabinet and looking at the tub.  That is a copper soaking tub.  No fancy bubbles or jets. We never used them, so why bother.  The tub was the big splurge of this entire bathroom.  My husband HAD to have it.  It really looks amazing in that spot.  We also put stone under the tub area, where the rest of the floor is slate.  It makes the tub look like it is in its own oasis, and I love it. 

The piece above the tub on the wall is called "Wicked."  It is a clock by Dale Mathis.  Before you scream about my putting such a lovely piece in a bathroom, please understand that that bathroom is HUGE, and has never fogged up in the three years we have lived here. Aove the tub is a super high powered fan as well, to draw any humidity that way instead of towards the clock.  The swirly piece is a piece by Shahrooz, an acrylic artist. It has lovely metallic accent colors that really offset the other pieces in the room.

This is the view of the cabinetry from behind the tub.  The top was custom made to match the work on the wood in our closet.  It matches almost perfectly.  The sink vessels are half-mounts, so half of the sink is above the counter-top, the other half is below.  It allows for a nice deep vessel without being too high above the counter.

Here is a more detailed picture:

The sink is handmade, enameled copper.  The colors perfectly match the tile accents in the shower.

This is a view of the shower area from in front of the angel picture.  I don't remember who painted that picture.  Sorry.  (update: it's called "heaven in her arms" by Alex Cherry") The shower is where we are waiting on the most hardware.  A few pieces cam missing from the manufacturer, and everyone is frustrated by how long we have been waiting for them.  A close up of the colors of the tile is here:

And finally, a close up of the light in the middle of the room:

I had a real heck of a time getting a good picture of this light.  The band with the zodiac signs on it moves up and down, and I really feel that the light brings the whole room together.

The toilet is in its own separate little room.  I had a rough time getting a good picture. We are waiting on the toilet roll holder, but other than that, this room is finished.

And finally, a picture of my husband hamming it up for the camera, to give you a sense of the size and scope of this project:

For reference: he's 6'3" tall and 220 lbs. In this picture, you can really tell that the cabinet hardware hasn't arrived. 

We have taken to calling this our "Accidentally Steampunk" bathroom.  though it really has our eclectic tastes, with "Wicked" and the light, and all of the copper accents, the room has a bit of a steamy vibe to it. It remains to be seen whether we decidse to builkd on that vibe or not.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our new bathroom.  I will be sure to post pictures when the last touches come in.


Emily F said...

Where did you get that light fixture? It is GORGEOUS. The whole bathroom is gorgeous, in fact!

Awesome Aud said...

Hi, I found your blog through Epbot! You've done a beautiful job with that room, and I'm very impressed.

I was wondering where you got that marvelous ceiling light! It would be perfect for my library.

AngelTree Gems said...

The light came from a local light shop. I'll try to find out the manufacturer. Normally it has a gorgeous hanging bracket with another globe, but it hung too low, as the light is made for an entryway. Thanks for stopping by!