Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Week's List 11/1-11/7

This week's list is going to be short, as I am low on time, and it is getting late.  i promise to flesh out and add later.

Soap: I still had a few days of DirtySanchez's Spawn left, so I finished that up, and finished the week with my go-to soap, which is Pink Sugar type from Maylee's Garden.  I have bought a bunch of soap from Maylee's Garden over the years, and it is always awesome. I highly recommend their soap. A+

Shampoo and conditioner: I am still using shampoo and conditioner from Heaven and Earth Essentials. I jumped over to their Honor Scent, which I have totally fallen in love with.  As a bonus, this scent of shampoo and conditioner came with a free sample of Honor scented lotion which I have also been using, and will review below. As before with their other scent, Heaven and Earth Essentials makes an awesome product, and I love this scent. Highly recommended. A+

Lotion: Heaven and Earth Essentials HONOR Emollient lotion: This lotion is light and not too heavy or greasy.  It works in well and leaves a lovely air of scent to it. I have not been using a lot of lotion, because the soaps I have been using have not made lotion necessary, but it works well on my hands and feet.  Iw ill probably continue this lotion into next week, and if I use it on areas of my body prone to greasiness or breaking out, I will let you know.

TeaMan Cranberry Black: A+ - wonderful aroma, smooth taste.
TeaMan Blueberry/Blackberry Herbal: B - nfortunately for me, this tea ended up smelling WONDERFUL and tasting OK.  I may have steeped it wrong (1 minute in off-boiling water), but it ended up a little bit bitter.
TeaMan Christmas Blend: A+++ This tea is my latest obsession.

I am still burning the candles I was working on last week.

I got hooked on a commercial scent a friend had sent me, and have been burnign that all week.

On a side note:

Does anyone have a good resource for a hand-blown glass tea set? I would like to try some of these blooming teas, and I als have had some really pretty looking teas recently that I think would be stunning in a glass pot and mug, but the commercial glass teapots I have been finding all seem kind of flimsy.

I'd also like a hand-made porcelain soy tart warmer (or whatever they're officially called). the commercial ones I have been using are nice, but a little shallow, and I am getting tired of cleaning up wax run off. If I am going to go for a bigger one, I really would like something pretty and hand-made. I like the ones that use tea lights for heat best.

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