Friday, March 7, 2008

Bitter person

It has been pointed out to me by someone whose opinion I care about that I am a bitter person....

In many ways, this person is absolutely correct. In others, not.

I am bitter about my family, and many things that happened when I was growing up. And how they treat me now.

I am bitter about how I was treated by some of my former friends...especially the ones who felt that taking sides was necessary....and the ones who turned their backs on me the instant they could. And especially the one who turned his back on me the instant I got married.

I am bitter about being shunned for a scholarship I planned much of my collegiate career for, because the professor in charge of the application process thought my DEGREE wasn't appropriate.

I'm bitter about the people in groups who shun the people who don't agree with them, then preach about how they are better people who are somehow more enlightened...they preach about others blindness, yet are oblivious to their own intolerance.

And I'm bitter about other relatively minor things.

Yet I'm NOT bitter about so much I could be. This, by the way, is why my bitterness was
pointed out. Why can I let some things go and not others? I have NO IDEA.

But, yes. I am a bitter person. It's not something I am necessarily proud of, but there it is.

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