Friday, February 29, 2008

Artificial Sweeteners are EVIL

Since when is "diet soda" considered healthy where "soda with sugar" is junk food? If you ask me, they're BOTH junk food....just one's made with sugar, and the other with chemicals.

Same with all of the Sugared vs. "sugar-free" snacks nowadays.

My kids got sent home with a petition from the PTA to get rid of snacks at the cafeteria with sugar in them, and replace everything they haven't already with sugar-free versions. They already ONLY offer sugar-free Jello and pudding. They even want only sugar-free juices. This is supposedly to make the food "healthier".

I ended up calling the idiot PTA person who is behind this petition (she invited it in the letter). I'm waiting for her call back. Can you tell my stance on this issue?

I am SOOOOO against this, it's not even funny.

First of all, I don't think sugar-free is healthier. My father's a chemist. I know what's in most artificial sweeteners. I don't think they're a good alternative for kids. I know everyone has different stances on this, and I respect that. That is just my view. There is research to support this belief too. I also believe that it's actually artificial sweeteners that are largely responsible for our country's increase in appetite and obesity issues.


I am allergic to artificial sweeteners. Like puke-it-up, instant migraine, hives allergic. Yes, to "all natural" splenda, too. I have to be sooo careful when I shop, because now a bunch of manufacturers are listing things as "all natural" but they contain Splenda.

BY THE WAY: Since when is Splenda "all-natural"?? It's CHLORINATED sugar!! EW!

I have enough problems with letting my kids buy lunch at school. I want them to have the option to purchase lunch, but I have a list of things theyre not allowed to get, because I worrya boptu one of them having my allergie. Now they want to take away all of my kids' options? sugar-free jelly in the PB&J sandwiches?? sugar-free desserts??

Even the "all healthy" diet delivery program I was on is dependent upon artificial sweeteners. That's why I stopped using it. They kept sending me things I was ALLERGIC TO, even knowing my allergies. GRRR...

WhY is this country so dependent on artificial sweeteners?? I have lost 20 lbs in the past year, and I drink at least a liter of REGULAR COCA COLA every day. I KNOW if I cut that out, I will be super skinny again. I eat full-fat cheese. I also can't finish an APPETIZER at most restaurants without being painfully full. HOW do people eat that much???

I blame the artificial sweeteners.

Wow...this was random and poorly written.....must edit....

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