Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Sewing machine debacle

SO, I have a budding business. I call it budding, even though it has officially been a business for 2+years and has made less than $500....mostly due to the business being put to the side any time anything happens. *sigh*

SO, I finally decided that this was the year. This was when I was going to get serious and start sewing up a storm. It worked for about a week. I sewed 5 hours a day every week day for 10 days (I can only work when kiddos are in school). I finally got mostly caught up on my non-business sewing and was ready to start bearing down and working. Everything was ready to go.

Then my first sewing/embroidery machine stopped working properly. OK....there was a repair day coming up when the tech would be at the dealership, and I had the back up machine. It wasn't great, but things were OK. I continued to sew.....

Then the second embroidery/sewing machine had something completely unrelated to the other machine's problem occur. In 2 days, I was down both embroidery/sewing machines. Now, I used to SELL machines, I know I wasn't doing anything to them to cause these issues. *sigh*. I just chalked it up to bad luck, thanked my lucky stars this happened right before the repair day, brought the machines in for work and bought a back-up sewing machine while I was there.

The back up machine didn't work properly. I brought THAT ONE in for repair. sewing for a week

Friday I went in to pick up the machines which were supposedly fixed. I sewed on them at the store to be sure. They had NOT been fixed. The manager agreed with me. In fact, one machine was worse off than when I had brought it in!! Conspiracy thoughts began swirling in my head....

The back up machine was declared a lemon. I have a new one to be picked up on Tuesday.

The 2 embroidery/sewing machines need to be sent to the repair center and be fixed because we won't let the repair guy "fix" them again....besides he won't do it until NEXT MONTH's repair day. jerk.

So, again, no sewing. no embroidery machines for 4-6 weeks.

I think the fates are trying to tell me something.....fortunately I'm too stubborn to listen.

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